Fees For Health Plans

Health plans operate on a 4 week  or 12 week contract.  After detailed information to understand your current position you will then get a comprehensive personalised plan.

What you get with your health plan :-

  • Personal Trainer 1- 2- 1
  • Recipes
  • Personalised Flexible Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Fitness Test
  • Personalised Fitness Program
  • Goal Achievement
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Healthy MindSet Tools
  • Support to keep you on track

This will be developed in order to create an easily  implemented  healthy lifestyle for each individual.  Since we all struggle with different aspects they will be tailored accordingly.

4 Week Health Plan Fees: £60

12 Week Health Plan: £150

Private Consultations

An assessment which will include a detailed questionnaire regarding your current lifestyle as well as nutrition and exercise regimes if any,  health history, and a food diary.

This will be analysed and a development package illustrating improvements you can make together with tools and techniques to allow you to improve aspects of your lifestyle that require improvement.

Initial Consultation : 1 hour £60

Follow Up Consultation: 45 Minutes £45

Follow Up Meetings

Progress Reviews 45 minutes: £45

Health Improvement Support 45 minutes: £45

Health Adjustments 45 minutes: £45

Dietary Analysis

Total Package Price: £80

This includes a full dietary analysis of the foodstuffs that you regularly eat including the information you have provided.  This involves a detailed food diary.

Analysis with details of daily Dietary Reference Values (DRV’s) which are the recommended nutritional intakes for the UK population.

Furthermore, advice and support required to coach you through any transition required to develop an improved diet to meet daily DRV’s.

You can consult with me in the following ways:-

  • Corporate Clinics
  • Telephone
  • Skype Consultations
  • FaceTime
  • Meetings in Person
  • Initial Consultation

Get in touch now to get your flexible personalised health plan.