Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash Nutritional Information

Below is a table of several nutrients contained within this powerhouse of a food and some of the benefits those nutrients provide.

This list is not definitive neither are the benefits.


Nutrient Benefits
Thiamin Changes Carbohydrates into Energy.
Vitamin B2 Supports Nervous System and Digestive Health.
Vitamin B3 Aids functions in Digestive System, Skin and Nervous System.
Pantothenic Acid Converts Food to Energy.
Vitamin B6 Supports Nervous System Health.
Folate DNA Synthesis and Repair and Important in Foetal Development.
Vitamin A Important for Immune System, Reproduction and Vision.
Vitamin C Growth, Development and Repair of Body Tissues.
Vitamin K Aids Blood Clotting.
Vitamin E Helps Immunity, Healthy Skin and Eyes.
Manganese Aids In Formation Of Connective Tissue, Bones And Blood Clotting Factors.
Copper Plays a Role In Energy Production.
Zinc For Growth and Maintenance.
Iron Carries Oxygen From Lungs to the Body.
Calcium Build and Maintain Bones.
Potassium Maintains Consistent Blood Pressure.
Fibre Maintains Bowel Health.
Omega 3 Important For Heart Health.

Go make some soup now and get all those benefits.