Take a Lunch Break

The Importance of Lunch

It is important when eating any food to consider it like any other activity and give it your full attention. Food eaten when distracted by another task has been proven to increase the amount of food we eat. Recent studies suggest at least 25% of people eat lunch at their desks, this increases stress levels and ultimately will increase cortisol levels which increase fat accumulation in the body. Actually taking a lunch break and nourishing your body with food, water and oxygen will lead to better work in the afternoon and will avoid a stress build up.

Creating time for a healthy lunch will improve both mental and physical well-being. Eating lunch, a few hours after breakfast will re-energise your body and help to focus and concentrate by raising blood sugar. By eating even small amounts for lunch, this will recharge and help to feel more revitalised in order to undertake the work for the afternoon. Eating lunch ensures metabolism is active. If meals are avoided there is a tendency to overeat or make poor nutritional choices. It is recommended to combine complex carbohydrates with lean protein to establish a continuing source of energy.

An effortless way to prepare lunch for the next day is to prepare extra when cooking the evening meal and keeping a portion aside to have for lunch the next day (or in the coming days). Prepare several days lunch at a time and keep in airtight containers in the fridge. If there are more people requiring lunches, colour code the lids, that way it is easier to distinguish who gets what.
Many people have some type of fruit as part of their lunch and many do complain about tummy ache after eating fruit and this is just a little pointer worth remembering – fruit digests quicker than other foods with melon quickest of all. Therefore, it is beneficial to try to eat the fruit first – with at least half hour (preferably an hour) before other food. Eating fruit after food can result in gas and bloating.

Suggestions for lunch should include fruit, for instance, slices of watermelon or honeydew, 2 peaches, 3 plums, 2 tangerines, an apple, an orange, a banana, whatever is in season preferably.

It is important for ladies to ingest calcium as the incidence of osteoporosis in increasing and a 150g yogurt pot or a 25g piece of cheese as part of lunch is a good source of calcium.

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