The Importance of Hydration


Water with Cucumber and Mint

Essential for staying healthy is hydration. A massive two thirds of our body is made up of water!!  It is suggested that we drink 2 litres per day as a minimum.  This can seem quite difficult for some people but be aware that foodstuffs do contain fluids too.

It is advised that we drink a glass of water on rising since we have had a possible 8 hour fast and we need to hydrate our system. This can be a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon to kick start us and our digestive system.

If you do not like plain old tap juice (what I called it when the children were little – makes me feel a bit mean now but they were fooled as small children and drunk loads of it back then and they only drink water now…STOP PRESS They have NEVER had teenage acne and I do put it down to their intake of water) why not try giving it a flavour boost by infusing with fruit. Try adding sliced up lemons, limes or sliced orange, lemon and fresh ginger, cucumber and mint, slices of watermelon, pomegranate seeds, pear and apple slices.  Soak pineapple in the water for a couple of hours.  Mash some berries at the bottom of the glass and top up with water (who doesn’t love a muddle with gin added…so we can pretend…).  Trust me if you create one of the above and fill a jug with cold water and keep it in your fridge, every time you would normally hit the soda or fizz it is so much easier just to grab a glass of water out the fridge.

Try having herbal teas or slice a lemon and add hot water, jazz it up and have lemon and fresh ginger in hot water. No need to buy expensive tea bags.  Water from the tap is inexpensive and super healthy.  So what is all the big deal about water…..

Reasons why water is good for you….

Water infused with Lemon and Ginger

It regulates your body temperature

Lubricates your joints

Transports nutrients to give you energy

Transports waste products out

It is involved in every function of the body

Reduces recovery time

Proper hydration will improve your workout.

Lack of water in your body

Body does not perform at its optimum

You feel tired

You may have muscle cramps

You can become dizzy.

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