Your Wish List

Would you like to be happy ?

Would you like to get fit ?

Would you like a flexible approach to your diet ?

Would you like to feel more energised ?

Would you like to have clear skin ?

Would you like to feel refreshed after sleep ?

Would you like to feel less bloated ?

Would you like to feel more motivated ?

Would you like to have more self-confidence ?

Would you like to eat your favourite foods without feeling guilty ?

Would you like to socialise without feeling guilty about food and drink choices ?

Would you prefer to eat tasty, seasonal, nutritious food ?

Would you like to feel happy ?  I have said it again for a reason !

Having more control over your food choices and exercises you engage in, will allow you to be happier within yourself.

Get in touch to start your new health plan,  which will look at how small adjustments can make massive changes to your life.  Each plan is personalised and flexible in order to incorporate your lifestyle and preferences.  You can do this and get results you have wanted for years.  Get your health plan now.


Hi there, my name is Melanie Boyle and I am a Scientist with a profound interest in Nutrition and Health. I am a qualified Nutritionist (BSc, HONS), a Level 3 Personal Trainer and currently working towards a Masters in Person-Centred Practice in Health & Wellbeing.

My vision is to enable everyone to be the best version of themselves using a person-centred approach with evidence based practice.

I would like everyone to have enough self-confidence and self-esteem to realise they are worthy of the happiest most fulfilling life possible.

My heart truly lies with all things scientific but mostly the body, how it works and also how it is affected by food, nutrition, exercise and maybe more importantly, how it is affected by how we think.

Over time, I have realised that, in order to be completely happy and fulfilled in life, we need to understand that we require self-confidence and self-esteem.  In order to achieve that, we are required to work on our mental health, almost more,  but certainly as much as we work on nourishing our bodies and exercising.


Take a Lunch Break

The Importance of Lunch It is important when eating any food to consider it like any other activity and give it your full attention. Food eaten when distracted by another task has been proven to increase the amount of food we eat. Recent studies suggest at least 25% of people eat lunch at their desks, …


It is important to start the day properly and no prizes for guessing that we are talking about breakfast. It is quite staggering the amount of people who still do not eat breakfast.  This is extremely important for a magnitude of reasons which I will not bore you with right now, but at least to …


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